Yacht Week Croatia

The Guide to Yacht Week Croatia

If there’s one thing about Yacht Week Croatia, it is absolutely massive and fun! And massive and fun is a little bit of an understatement if you ask me. But what is so amazing about this week-long event of sailing and partying? Why is it that every year people are aiming to be part of it? Well, we are going to find that one out and more in this article. Are you guys ready? Let’s dig in then!

Yacht Week Croatia

All About Yacht Week Croatia

The Yacht Week is a series of flotillas that occur throughout the year. This was organized by European Travel Ventures and includes  6 spread out locations. For those of you who’re wondering, it’s Greece, Thailand, Turkey, Italy British Virgin Islands and of course, Croatia.

Each Yacht Week occurs during a specific time of the year. In Europe it’s usually during the summer, with Croatia being some time in June to August. Actually, that is one of the reasons why Yacht Week is so amazing. It is not set to occur in just one week only. In fact, for Croatia alone you get 13 weeks this year. All you need to do is to pick a week between 1st week of June up to the 1st week of September. Chances are, for this 2018, you’ll surely miss out on Yacht Week Croatia. But hey, on the bright side, there will always be next year!

For those of you who don’t know, Yacht Week in Croatia is actually the biggest of all the Yacht Weeks. In fact, they have actually already made it two routes in Croatia. And this is to accommodate all of the 50 yachts, more or less. If you want a week to remember, where you can set sail and party non-stop for a full week, Croatia is definitely the place to be. In fact, this is the complete opposite of the article I did about the luxury hotels. You will get less sleep and plenty of hangovers. But you know what, all of that is definitely worth it!

Yacht Week Croatia: All You Need To Know


Ah yes, the planning. So like I mentioned above, Yacht Week Croatia usually occurs between the 1st week of June to the 1st week of September. For this year, it’s from June 4 to September 3.

Now, the first thing you need to do, is that you need to book a yacht beforehand. Remember, there are only 50 of them, more or less, to choose from. What’s more is that if you plan to do the Yacht Week with a bunch of friends, the more expensive the boat you get the better. Trust me, it doesn’t hurt to get a bigger boat to maximize your Yacht Week experience.

And another thing that you should take note of are the skippers and the hostesses. Generally, people who come to Yacht Week don’t know how to sail. And even if you do know, you would be so worked up the night before you won’t have the will to do so (trust me on this).  This is where the skippers and the hostesses come in handy.  In fact, hiring a hostess ensures that you and your buddies will be taken care of. And when I say taken care of, I mean with the food, cleaning and even a few sailing pointers. By the way, food here includes the buying and preparing thereof. Of course, not everything is free, and they come with a a price.


Speaking of price, here is the usual cost of booking a boat, hiring a skipper as well as a hostess. Take note that this in fact depends on itinerary, number of people, and the kind of boat. Generally though, it would cost you $600-1000 per person. This, however does not include food, plane tickets or transfers to the marina. Also take not of the fuel and port fees, which are usually about $25-100 each. Lastly, do also keep in mind of hiring a skipper/hostess.

For a mixed or all-female boat, skippers can range from $800-1,200.  An all-male boat could merit a $1,200-1,800. Expensive? Take note that this is for 7 days, and it all depends on your route and exchange rate. Hiring a hostess, on the other hand, usually costs you $750-1000. I am telling you though, it is definitely worth it! You don’t need to worry about boat maintenance. What’s more is that you don’t need to worry about the food too. That cost of hiring a hostess already includes the purchasing and cooking of the food. The thing about hostesses is that they know EXACTLY what you need to cure your hangover from last night.

Yacht Week Croatia

What To Expect

The breathtaking destinations, the views as well as the seemingly never-ending parties. With Yacht Week Croatia you will get to visit a lot of different ports. Of course, all that depends on the route—whether the Original or Ultra Route. You will be departing from a marina near Split. Afterwards, you will be taken to certain islands included on each route. We have Hvar, Bol, Milna, Rogac, Vis, Scedro Korcula and Komiza. Did I miss anything? Anyway, what’s more is that on each port you will get to meet the loveliest of people (and make new friends). You’ll never miss a meal (especially when you have a hostess). And on top of all of that, you will be taken to the craziest parties on the planet!

This is not your typical hotel or resort stay-in where you get luxury and quality time to rest. No, aside from the designated Yacht Week party (which showcases international DJ’s by the way), there is also a lot of drinking, socializing and partying within the boats. Expect your sleep to be more or less just 2 hours every single day. Yes, that is what Yacht Week Croatia is all about. Lastly, there’s one party that you should not miss out on Yacht Week Croatia. And that is The Party in a Castle at Ft. George. Google it, read about it, and don’t miss it.

Yacht Week Croatia: Final Thoughts

Yacht Week Croatia is THE Yacht Week of all Yacht Weeks. There’s a reason why they have more or less 50 yachts now and sailing on two routes. On top of that, it’s the host of the biggest party event of all Yacht Weeks. Although other Yacht Weeks also offer the same kind of fun and excitement, no one does it better actually than Yacht Week Croatia. Take note, this is not necessarily and cultural or learning experience. But if you want something that you will never forget in your lifetime, this is the place to be.

So there you have it, I hope that you find this article interesting and insightful. I do hope you guys get to experience Yacht Week Croatia at least once in your life.. And if you do, take heed on some of the advice that you can find here. I guarantee that you will definitely be able to maximize your stay—whether it be just you, or you’re with two or more friends.

Yacht Week Croatia

You may have questions that you want to raise. You may have experiences about Yacht Week that you want to share as well. In any case, feel free to leave a comment down below or send me an email. I would love to find the time to discuss with you things about Yacht Week Croatia or just Croatia in general. As always, stay tuned for more of my articles in the very near future.

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