What You Need to Know About Croatian Olive Oil

Do you remember the writer of Iliad and Odyssey? If you don’t remember your literature, then I’ll go ahead and you. It’s Homer. So, what does Homer have to do with what we need to know about Croatian Olive Oil?

Croatian Olive Oil

It’s the fact that he called Croatian Olive Oil “liquid gold.” It’s the fact that Spartans rubbed it all over their body. Why do they rub it, you ask? To look sexy and good, as well as to feel stronger.

So what is so special about this Croatian Olive Oil? And why are a lot of people raving about this product? We are about to find that out and more in this article. Hopefully in the end, you will come to appreciate its wonder. And that you’d be enticed to get some Olive Oil for yourself as well. So here are the things that you need to know about Croatian Olive Oil. Are you guys ready? Without further ado, let’s go ahead and dig in, shall we?

Where Can You Find It?

Ah, the olive tree. Olives date back before even Jesus became relevant and was even a topic. Many people would argue that olive oil originated either in Africa or in Greece. But if you just try to analyze it, you will come to a conclusion the same as mine. That it originated from Africa and spread all throughout the Mediterranean. Eventually, it ended up in Croatia as well. There is only one reason why olive trees thrive in Africa as well as the Mediterranean. And that is because of its weather conditions and climates. They have the perfect environment in cultivating olive oil.

Actually, it’s been only recently that olive oil in Croatia became relevant as it is today. In fact, the lists of olive-oil producing companies rarely include Croatia. This is most likely because Croatia is still a relatively small producer compared to its European counterparts. However, that does not denote that is the least when it comes to quality; as it is, in fact, one of the best the world has ever seen.

The New York International Olive Oil Competition.

Or better known as the NYIOOC. In 2016, at this very competition, people saw the rise of prestige and excellence when it comes to Croatian Olive Oil. You guys probably have not heard, but nine extra virgin olive oils from Croatia won. And not just any win, but Gold and Silver Awards to be exact. Six out of the nine producers hailed from the beautiful Istrian Peninsula; while the others came from Krk and Brač, and the Pelješac peninsula in southern Dalmatia. And now that the world is taking notice, people in Croatia are more than ready to step up her game.

The One Good Thing About Croatian Olive Oil

There’s a reason why olive oil in Croatia is so high quality. Because of the increase of international demand, most big olive-oil producing companies in certain countries use mechanical harvesting methods nowadays. They even think they could get away with labeling it as “home-made.”

Croatian Olive Oil

So what’s the good thing about olive oil in Croatia then? Unlike the other European countries that rely on mechanical harvesting, harvesting in Croatia is, let’s just say more intimate. Most of the Croatian olive oil producers come from small family businesses. What happens is that these families grow their own olives and then produce extra virgin olive oil. They usually just hand-pick the olives from the tree and press them the same day. This ensures that their olive-oil is nothing but high quality. In fact of these families even follow organic production methods. Sure, family-owned olive oil businesses in Croatia may not compete with the big guns in terms of quality; but when it comes to high-quality extra virgin olive oil, they are second to none.

Health Benefits Of Croatian Olive Oil

Because most, if not all of the olive oil in Croatia are organic (extraction and production-wise), you can expect a lot of health benefits of consuming it. Below are five things about your health in which the consumption Croatian olive oil can help improve:

  • Cardiovascular System – people who consume olive oil can expect to suffer less from cardiac diseases. This may include high blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Furthermore, it also decreases the rate of having a heart attack.
  • Fights Breast Cancer – that’s right, and highly-reputable scientists from Barcelona discovered this. Consuming of olive oil reduces activity of problematic genes. Furthermore, it shields your DNA from damages; and oh, did I mention that olive oil contains plenty of antioxidants?
  • Helps With Depression – depression is everywhere, let’s acknowledge that it exists. Scientists discovered that a lot of depression has to do with trans fat that’s apparently affecting our mental health. We usually find this in fast-food which a lot of us are fond of eating.
  • Keeps Liver Safe – all that we consume pass by our liver. If you are not conscious with what you eat, chances are a lot of your diet may contain what we call free radicals that cause oxidative stress. Since olive oil contains a lot of antioxidants, incorporating it more in your diet is definitely a sure-fire way to detoxify your liver.
  • Defends Against Alzheimer’s – olive oil has what we call oleocanthal (and in abundance at that). This particular compound actually helps in cleansing the brain of proteins responsible of Alzheimer’s.

It doesn’t get any better than the health benefits of Croatian olive oil. Who says that anything that’s healthy doesn’t taste good? Incorporating olive oil in your diet not only ensures your health, but you get the taste of good food at the same time.

Croatian Olive Oil: Final Thoughts

Croatian Olive Oil

There are many things you need to know about Croatian Olive Oil. These are the ones that are most important, though. Without a doubt, olive oil in Croatia is becoming more and more popular. You may have your plans to consume it; well it’s nice to know that you have a little bit of knowledge of what you’re diving right into.

That being said, you may already have experiences with Croatian Olive Oil that you want to share; or perhaps you have questions you want to raise. In any case, feel free to leave a message down below or give me an email. As always, stay tuned for more articles about Croatia in the future.

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