Best Hotels in Croatia

Best Hotels in Croatia (Zagreb) for Foreigners

When you talk about the best hotels in Croatia, you’re in for a treat. Look no further than in the country’s capital. And that is Zagreb.  A city rich in history and culture, Zagreb is home to the best hotels. And mind you, this is not just in Croatia but in the entire world. So sit back, relax and enjoy. It’s time to dig in and examine the best hotels in Croatia.

Best Of The Best In Zagreb

Now take note that three of these hotels in Zagreb are the luxury 5-star ones. That’s right, we are not just settling for the comfort hotels in Zagreb with this one. We go big, making sure that the best of the best in Zagreb are all covered.

These hotels give out a sense of grandeur. They offer a lot of flashy (and classy) features. Of course, being luxury hotels only means that this bunch strictly adheres to international standards. From spacious and decorated rooms to FREE WiFi covering lower ground to the roof. Satellite TV’s, excellent minibars and world-class facilities. You name it, these hotels got it! So without further  do guys, it’s (really) time to dig in!

The Esplanade Zagreb Hotel

Best Hotels in Croatia

When it comes to the best hotels in Croatia, this is definitely The One. It does not get any more luxurious than the Esplanade Zagreb Hotel. This hotel has history, culture, class and style written all over it. Which is probably the reason why it is considered to be one of the best hotels in Croatia. Heck, it might even be the best with little to no doubts.

This beautiful hotel is located diagonally across the train station. This was actually the main reason why it was built in the first place.

The Esplanade Zagreb Hotel dates back to 1925 (nearly 100 years of existence, guys).  The builders intended it for the travelers of the original Orient Express. There were A LOT of big names that have stayed in the Esplanade Zagreb Hotel over the years. Woody Allen, Richard Nixon, Elizabeth Taylor, even Queen Elizabeth II—they all stayed in this majestic hotel. In fact, the hotel has a celebrity wall and most, if not all of the celebrities (or famous people) who have stayed in Esplanade Zagreb Hotel have left their photos on there.

Of course, over the course of nearly a century, there have been renovations. The latest one was in 2004. These constant regulations have only made the hotel more luxurious and more elegant throughout the decades it has withstood.

Pros and cons

Upon entering the Esplanade Zagreb Hotel, you will be mystified by the Habsburg-era lobby, the dome-shaped ballroom, expansive terraces and elegant dining rooms—just to name a few.  They have spacious, high-ceiling rooms complete with amenities. They also have an excellent fitness center that surely will not disappoint. Not to mention as well a glass of champagne upon checking in and also music playing in the halls.

Because it is a luxury 5-star hotel, people may find it pricey.  But if you book a room in Croatia’s low season, it’s a different story. From July to August, prices of its smallest doubles could go extremely low. It’s no secret why business travelers and tourists alike would want to stay here.

The Sheraton Hotel Zagreb

Best Hotels in Croatia

Another one of Zagreb’s 5-star, luxury hotels is the Sheraton Hotel. Many business travelers actually prefer this over the Esplanade Zagreb Hotel for many reasons.

The hotel provides world-class comfort as it is complete with excellent amenities. One of which would be its indoor swimming pool as well as also its fitness center. It also has a Grand Ballroom as well as 17 meeting rooms for the business people.

World-class comfort also speaks through its two fancy restaurants, cafe, piano-bar as well as its 24-hour room service. You can’t ask for more. With spacious beds and a marble bathroom, you can’t go wrong with the Sheraton Hotel. Not to mention a satellite TV, climate control and the free WiFi, it’s really your home away from home.

The Sheraton Hotel is just near the train station as well as with the town center. Finding your way is definite not at all difficult.

The Hotel Westin Zagreb

Best Hotels in Croatia

People might know of the Hotel Westin as the Hotel Opera. This was its name in the past. The reason? Well, it became part of the American Starwood Hotels chain, that’s why.

The Hotel Westin is not at all small. It has 722 beds that it’s proud of hoisting as it stands tall in the heart of Zagreb. However, you don’t feel that when you enter your room. The Hotel Westin provides an indescribable comfort with its mahogany rooms. You’ll know the feeling once you get to experience this world-class hotel. And the real highlight upon entering the room is their “heavenly bed.” It’s their patented bed that intends for its customers to have a heavenly kind of rest. When you check in, if possible request for an upper room. It provides an awesome view all over Zagreb.

But it’s not only the rooms that makes the Hotel Westin very famous and world-class. The Hotel Westin is known for its beauty and health facilities. Think about this: massage, beauty salon with beauty treatments, fitness center, a solarium and a sauna. These are all present in Hotel Westin fit for your health and wellness needs.

What’s more is that its location is excellent. You can easily go to museums and galleries in Lower Town. And this is the reason why Hotel Westin is one of the best hotels in Croatia.

Hotel Dubrovnik

Best Hotels in Croatia

Hotel Dubrovnik is set on the very heart of Zagreb. It’s been around since 1929 and has been consistently renovated giving us the modern and stylish 4-star hotel that it is today.

All the rooms in Hotel Dubrovnik are fully air-conditioned (as they all should be). What’s fascinating about their rooms is that they all showcase a TV and a minibar. They have a business center, a gym, a bar, a restaurant and oh, not to mention free WiFi.

Its food is definitely not lacking here. People can enjoy the American Steak House restaurant as well as the Lounge Bar. They also have a wide range of Italian and Croatian cuisines as well. That makes for a very fine dining experience.

With Hotel Dubrovnik being located in the heart of Zagreb, you can be sure you’re just in close range of the touristic sites this city has to offer. Think about the Dolac open-air market or perhaps the Cathedral. Not to mention the main shopping centers, they’re all in close range. No wonder it’s considered one of the best hotels in Croatia, particularly in Zagreb. You will definitely enjoy your stay should you book at Hotel Dubrovnik.

The Hotel 9

Best Hotels in Croatia

Another 4-star hotel that is just located across the Main Bus Station. The Hotel 9 definitely has a lot to offer for travelers and tourists alike. Their rooms are modern and packed with air-conditioning as well as free WiFi.

When you speak of the Hotel 9 rooms, intelligent room systems, minibars and smart TV’s come into mind. And oh, not to mention the bathroom with free equipment and toiletries.

What’s best about the Hotel 9 is its location. It is only 1.7 km away from the center of Zagreb. And the nearest tram station? Just a short 50 meters away, ladies and gentlemen. So if you’re someone who wants to enjoy sightseeing in Zagreb, you can’t go wrong with Hotel 9. And oh, did I mention that couples also like to stay in this hotel? That’s right, many couples prefer the Hotel 9 over the others. So if you’re headed to Croatia with your SO, you might want to stay in Hotel 9 guys.

The Best Hotels in Croatia: Final Thoughts

So there you have it guys. This is in my opinion the best hotels in Croatia. Of course, this is limited to Zagreb as the title suggests. Anyway, I hope I was able to share to you guys invaluable information about Croatia’s hotels. Hopefully you guys would consider booking on one of these luxury hotels in your future trip to Croatia.

You may have some questions to ask. You may have some experiences that you would want to share. Either way, feel free to leave a comment down below or give me an email as well. I would love to hear from you guys. More importantly, we can talk about Croatia and your experiences there. Thank you so much for not just passing by, but also reading. As always, stay tuned for more of my articles about Croatia in the coming days, weeks, months. Heck even years.

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