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Visit Croatia

The Best Time To Visit Croatia: A User’s Guide

What is the perfect time to visit Croatia? That question is a very hard one to answer if you ask me! Why? Well, let’s just say that there are many ways to experience Croatia. You will know this once you get to know the different seasons of this country. In any case, we are going […]

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Real Estate Croatia

An Investor’s Guide to Real Estate Croatia

Welcome to real estate Croatia, ladies and gentlemen! Today we are going to be learning just that. In owning real estate in Croatia, what are the key factors? Will quality play a huge role? Do you need real estate agents to assist you? You guys are going to find that out and more in this […]

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Yacht Week Croatia

The Guide to Yacht Week Croatia

If there’s one thing about Yacht Week Croatia, it is absolutely massive and fun! And massive and fun is a little bit of an understatement if you ask me. But what is so amazing about this week-long event of sailing and partying? Why is it that every year people are aiming to be part of […]

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Best Beaches In Croatia

Best Beaches in Croatia: A Tourist’s Guide

When it comes to the best beaches in Croatia, there is a first and foremost thing that a foreign visitor should know. And that is that few of Croatia’s best beaches are sandy. In most cases, Croatia’s finest beaches are of smooth pebbles and rocks. There are still exceptions to this, though, like the Bacvice […]

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Best Hotels in Croatia

Best Hotels in Croatia (Zagreb) for Foreigners

When you talk about the best hotels in Croatia, you’re in for a treat. Look no further than in the country’s capital. And that is Zagreb.  A city rich in history and culture, Zagreb is home to the best hotels. And mind you, this is not just in Croatia but in the entire world. So […]

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